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Saturday, 25 July 2015

WNS outfits

He guys,
LOL I don't know how you guys are going with the WNS outfits. Bet you guys are stuck LOL.

Well, let me tell you that woozworld can help you with your design. You'll say how? The answer is #Instagram yup :p.
As many of woozens are facing difficulty in adding  their design in podz! So they upload it in their Instagram and, people are posting their pictures in Instagram just to be on the safe side. Well, this gave you guys an opportunity!

What you can do is that go to Instagram and look at the design.  No! No no no I didn't meant that! Don't Cheat but, take help and hints from them. There are many fabulous design go check them out for help only!! here are some pictures that I love ♥♥♥♥♡

This is the outfit in which myawooz gave compliment! 
Really can you believe it.. :)
 I guess Mandisimo's fabulous outfit will win the design challenge ;)

Lovely colour combination. Makes it look totally like a rockstar
The hair I guess resemples to an old poor hair but I like this version better.

Out of the mind O_O can you look at the awesome pop-star design
at the top and the bottom!

So this is a lil more rapper. If you know what I mean! I can't think
what this person made because there is no colour.
Guys a Tip weather you are drawing by hand, Or by PC please use colours. To give nice effect and the reader can know an idea what you made but this is still a nice design

LOL woozworld commented on this means it has to be awesome! I love the top too. 
It is giving a nice shade and the hairs have so many colors. Totally a rockstar

This is inspired by rihanna. But don't you think that ''thorns'' top and the top shown before are 
kind of same o.0. LOL
 The shoes I guess are not quite nice but I love the effect of hair.

Is this awesome or what. This was use to be the boy's hair but this
 woozen made it more awesome.

So guys these were the design but there are more fabulous and gorgeous designs out there on instagram. If you are interested to see them for ''help'' then Click Here. Have fun. Byeee Cya

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