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Monday, 5 January 2015

Meet Up

Hey guys we're having a meet up and this time i really really really expect more people to come. We will be chatting and having a Q&A and games and do things you wanna do like taking a photo or whtever. So fans, supporters plz come! Its open to anyone. Details is below. Im sorry if im really outdated in clothes or anything, i didn't play for a long time bcos i got hacked. :(


Date: WLS Blog Timing: Wednesday, 07 January 2015 ( Clock is at the left of the blog.)

Timing: WLS Blog Timing: 7: 45AM ( Clock is at the left of the blog.)

Just follow the time on the WLS clock on that day and you will be fine.

If you happen to have anything on that day or time its ok, just contact me in the Contact Me Box and tell me how and when you are available so we can meet up. :)

Soo PLZZZZ come.
Fans i wanna highlight, #Miffymopgirl #UniqueHoneyXxX #Qwertuzo #Fans♥u



  1. Some of the crew might not be able to make it including meh because by that time it'd be late at night

  2. I guess we will just try to create another date where we all can go, u can also create ur own meet up.

  3. Like babyshimmer said i cant be there either, it'll be 4 AM by then. Sorry Jessica