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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Style Problems

Hey WLS Secret Keepers!

Have you ever felt like no one ever gets your style? 
Have you ever wanted to find out what your style is?

Then I know the thing just for you! Below is a chart of created outfits made by Yours Truly :3
If you're outfits look similar to any 1 of these then that's the closest to your style :)

I know myself sometimes I have troubles trying to find out what style I wanna be. So, if you don't wanna know what style you are or you already know comment below what style of those 9 suits me best :)

Don't forget to comment what style suits me!!

Simply say,"I think the style ____ suits you!"


  1. I think the atyle jist me siit me best πŸ˜†

    1. The style just me suits me best-

  2. The style GIRLY suits me... Everyone add me @ TheRealTori - especially if your active on woozin. I post regularly