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Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Hi guys, Jessicastarale here! & today, im gonna talk about the Zombreadtosis disease! It has been spreading throughout WoozWorld! Everywhere!!

This virus will give you numbers of side effects such as:
-Aqua coloured skin
-Increase growth in facial hair
-A craving for woozen brains
- & weird eyes!

Just Look! 

Don't worry, i have some ways to keep safe and anyone can do it! 
1. When you log onto WoozWorld today keep this in mind, you will be infected instantly if you are 1-2 squares from an diseased Woozen! This will NOT be easy! Infected woozens everywhere are trying to infect anyone and everyone.
2. If you have not already been infected you can  stay safe forever until the  cure is found by wearing the Zombie Doctor's suit! This will prevent you from being Zombified no matter how close a infected woozen may be!  Woozworld is selling the complete Zombie Doctorz outfit in Shopz for a total of only 1,170 beex!

3. Follow these 2 simple steps:
-Eat a Jelly Foodz.This can be any jelly foodz.
-Drink some "Effect B-Gone Water".

Once you redress into a new outfit after taking the treatment, your Zombeardtosis will reappear! & Once you reload , your Zombeardtosis will return again! 

 I have found some unitz that provide this!
But some of them is just cheating on your money, so becareful!

So im gonna lock myself in the room and not get the disease! I just got the cure!

So hope all you guys don't get it. Stay in the Zombie FREE house.



  1. Lovetosinglucky: I just brought all of the zombie doctor outfit then wore them all then I became infected. What did I do wrong?

    1. Were you blue before? Im not sure too. My BFF also was also wearin the outfit and she wasn't blue but she got infected!

  2. red velvet ice cream cake !!!!!! XD