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Wednesday, 24 September 2014



BeMe Info

OK so you would probably figure that WoozWorld has introduced something called "BeMe" and basically this event is just about showing your inner self and your strengths and to stop suicide happening around the globe.The main event room is basically just a lounge where you hang out and all. Like other rooms, except its focused on you...

BeMe Lounge

As you can see there is a mirror next to me and that will be your prize for going to many places I am going to list and each of them will either have one of these in it.
Collect 30 of these medallions to win the awesome medal!

List of places to find a medallion:
1. Jenny's Bedroom
2. Slide n' Climb
3. Woozlympic Ice skating
4. Azurium Garden
5. BeMe Lounge
7. Central Plaza
8. WoozNewz HQ
9. Mawdurn Kitchen
10. CarnaWooz
11. Wzw High Cafeteria
12. Jenny's Chat Room
13. WoozWorld High
14. Woozlympics: Swimming
15. Babiz Room
16. Park
17. Style Watch Unitz
18. Find The Foodie
19. WoozWorld Skatepark
20. Max's ComicZ Club
21. WoozBand living
22. Jay's Boyz Hangout
23. WoozWorld Summer Beach
24. Wzw High Fashion Class
25. Movie Theater
26. Mya's Beauty Spa
27. Wzw High Chemistry Lab
28. What The Wooz!?
29. iVibe Centralz 2
30. Social Stardom
Peace Out ;)
Remember just to BeMe!

BTW if you have any questions just leave a comment and i'll be happy to answer ;)


  1. you should keep on doing this! she is so cute c:

  2. Thankyou, if you have any questions just ask me