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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Learning to Imitate People #1

Hey! Today for my first imitation issue I'm going to be imitating xxxCadyxxx.. :P
OK so at school i decided to join my friend and ask her some questions....

So Rainabella why did you join Woozworld?

The only reason why I joined was because you kept annoying me until I joined .-.
Is Woozworld boring?
I don't know because I really never play because you still haven't sent me cheats to get free Wooz or whatever its called!!
OK any advice to people?
Never trust people who say there gonna give you free! They scam me heeps!! :O
:3 OK well FYI i did send it to you!! 
Thank you for joining us!!
ERM.... you kept texting me I ain't next to ya u.u

Peace Out ;)
PS My first Imitation was PREEEEEETTTTTTY bad so comment and tell me your opinion!!