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Monday, 27 July 2015

Zombie Legs Outfits

Hey guys I'm back with another post For fashion I know I've only been posting about fashion I don't have any Ideas so yeah.


Shirt:Cash Crop top
Pants:Zombie legs
Anklet flower anklet And yeah I do need to find a cheap anklet.
Hair:Ultimate celebration


Shirt:Epic Crop top
Pants:Zombie legs
Same anklet
Hair Bratz Sasha

And you all are probably wondering where did you get all that stuff especially the Zombie legs About four years ago when you could have more than one profile on a woozworld account well I have 3 so if one account has more money than the other I spend that one and put it in the shop Podz for really cheap and so on....That zombie legs the Lilac one is Actually a new one.all the other stuff I got with my main account.

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