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Saturday, 16 May 2015

How To Level Up Fast In Woozworld!

Lets just skip the intro and get to 'How to level up fast'!

Do you guys take like 1 month just to level up? I understand the painn XD 

1. So I was on youtube and saw this WZW video about how to level up faster! The main way to level up is by buying lots of Woozpetz food and feeding your Woozpetz with it :) It might take some wooz to level up but it's worth it :)

2. Another way which is what i normally do, is to level up by voting! But since woozworld lowered down our votes by the level of preztige we have, it's harder to level up this way xD But try to vote everyday and get people to vote you. When you don't have time to play Wzw, just go online for a quick second and finish of all your votes, it doesn't matter who you vote. The main thing is to try to finish of your votes each day and the work will pay off C;

3.  Create free lines and ask people to vote you 10 times or how many times you want to for every free item they get.

So thats all, not rlly an expert but just helping C; xD


  1. yeah, I really already knew these, but it wont let me vote so im going on random websites to see if theres anything usefull xD but TY :)