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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hey Everyone!

Hey Guys, sorry I haven't posted in forever. x( -And Happy Black Friday to our American Readers- But, I'm back with a few tips on how I find some really cool outtfits for our blog. Also, you can use some of these tips to find what's "hot" right now, especially since so many things are going doing in rarity.

Step One: Go to some highy populated place, like BYOU, which usually has around 30 woozens.

I like going to BYOU magazine unitz and looking for some super cool outfits -In my option, Anyways... I suggest going to unitz like Star's Trade Center and Free lanes, where they usually have around 10 to 40 woozens. Careful though, because... QUEUE DEVILS. Anyhow.. I'm completely sane.. o-o..

Step Two: If you're with a blog, ask them if you can use their outfit for your blog, or you could just ask them to pose for a picture.

 The only really sad thing is, a lot of people take "asking for your outfit" the wrong way, and say no. I usually pc them saying something like this.

Most people still say no, and It's hard, but. -o-.

Step 3: Once you get your photos, make sure you keep those people on pc/message

 You might have to keep their usernames, or have to follow them for the name of their shorts of the level of their hairs.

Here's a quick one I did, just for you guys.

Woozen: Reneefid 

 Symbolz: Choclate Bar - Level 50 VIP
 Hair: BowTEA hair - Level 1
 Face: Beauty Spot - Level 20
 Top:  Mihanna Crop Top By Thorns - Level 1
 Legs: Arya Klyn Skirt - Level 1
 Feet:  Arya Klyn Spike Heels - Level 1

Again, a special thank you to Reneefid, because I asked 5 people before her, and they all said no. x(

Bye Everyone! xx
 New SignOff Picture in progress. xx

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