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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Tips On Blogging For Beginners

Since there aren't any news scoops recently, i decided to share some tips on blogging based on myself and from people who i know and did some research as well.

Tip 1: Blogging Platforms

There's a variety of places for you to blog. Some places like Tumblr-it's great, Blogger, Wordpress, etc. 
So start by choosing where you want to blog first. Each platform has their own advantages and you should choose which suits you more.

Tip 2: Content

Lots of people get stressed by thinking of their content and i recommend that you should just start simple by first thinking whether you want to blog about yourself, a game, food, style and etc. or everything!
For example if you dedicate your blog to a game then blog about news and scoops of the game and interesting things about it and not mix in unrelated things. And if you choose to blog about everything then just blog about everything! your daily life, your style, about yourself and everything going on your life. After you chose your subject, just continue from there and blog about that subject.

Tip 3: Be consistent

Don't blog inconsistently, decide on days to blog and when to blog. But if you cant decide, than post frequently and not go on hiatus for a long period and blog again. This makes your readers lose interest and not want to read your blog anymore. So post frequently but not too much.

Tip 4: Be Yourself

Don't act like another person, your readers can mostly see through it, and even if they can't, they probably won't like it if you act like a drama queen and act all fake. You don't have to be too "professional" or use "big words", just be yourself! So if you're trying to attract attention with your personality, think first, whether that decision is worth it.

Tip 5: Don't be afraid to share your opinions

Don't be afraid about how others view you. Don't be afraid that you will get hate for your opinions. Everyone has different opinions, so even if you get hate for that, it doesn't matter, there's nothing wrong with it, it's just YOUR opinion, not others.  There's other people who believe in you too so Brush those haters off, Haters gonna hate.

Tip 6: Be original and new

Be original, don't copy or plagiarize. If someone else already posted about what you're about to post, twist, blog it in your own style.
Be new, don't be old and boring, make your readers feel interested.

Tip 7: Style Your Blog 

Make your blog more interesting, people mostly get attracted by the appearance first, put in colors that will catch peoples eyes and make them interested. But make your content interesting too, make up catchy titles. People may be attracted to the appearance of your blog, but the moment they see your content is boring, they'll lose interest right away. So make everything interesting not just the outer look.

So i guess that's all i have :) Toodles~

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