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Friday, 25 March 2016

Scream Queens Outfits In Stores

Hi guysss, sorry for not posting frequently. I had lots to do and its hard to think of ideas to post these days. No one is really posting anything and most of the Woozworld blogs are facing this problem as well, like Woozworld Craze & Burst & etc.

But today im here to talk about the Scream Queens characters outfits and furnitures in stores. There's only Chanel no. 1 and Chad's outfits and i have to say, im quite disappointed in Woozworld. The outfits in the pack are reused and not rlly what everyone was expecting. But its nice to see Wzw supporting Scream Queens. :)

Channel #1

Well the outfit consists of reused items so its nothing new. The furnitures, i have to say, are really good but to me, its not really worth it to buy it with the outfit. :/

Well i don't know if those are reused but the furnitures are simply the same items in Chanel'ss pack.

So if you ask me, they are not really that worth to buy, but if you like it its your choice :).

So i guess that's all i have for today, see ya~ :3

Jessicastarale <3

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