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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Style Me up Contest!

Hey woozins! I decided to post a day earlier cos im so excited to start! XD There will be more posts coming very soon as i've got a lot of catching up to do.

So i start my first post with Woozworld's Style Me Up contest! <3 Sweet! So i went to check out the Style Me Up Studio and get some info on whats happening.

So it started on 12 Aug 2014 and  "Style Me Up is all about giving girls the opportunity to be unique and distinctive through personalization and freedom of expression. From do-it-yourself fashion accessories & cosmetics, embellishments and designer sketchbooks, with Style Me Up, you can express yourself through hands-on creativity, while adding a personal touch to the world around you."

You have to download this template to create the design.

To download, click this

And for inspiring patterns, click this

After completion, you have to send your design by email with the subject "Style Me Up Fashion Tracing Table"

And OMG! The winner will receive an exclusive Style Me Up Fashion Tracing Table mailed to them and receive a copy of their fabulous winning outfit.

So FAB! And if you want, you can send your design by email to me by the "Contact Me" and i can post it here to show everyone your lovely design. Just copy and paste the image URL. If you got any questions or stuff to say plz comment below. :)

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