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Monday, 15 September 2014

Domo Is Here~

Hey woozens, im back with my second post which is about Domo! I know its quite long ago like September 2 but its too cute to be missed! :P


I've just got my cute little PuRpLe Domo ~ XD  Its so small, like shorter than me. (sorry bout the unclear pic.)

So where do we get the FREE and ADORABLE little guy?
You basically, you just have to go to the Woozworld unitz and find them. So here are the names of the unitzs with Domos.

WoozWorld Help Center
WoozGuidez Center
Azurium Garden
Gourmet Foodz Cafe
Jelly Jelly Jelly!
Domo Lounge
What the Wooz!?
Jenny's Chat Room
Mya's Beauty Spa

They are sooo cute~ And the Domo Forest is so wow!

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