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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Woozen's Choice Outfits

Hey babes! <3 So Woozen's Choice outfits have just landed into the store! And I'd like to review them! So let's begin! C: c: c:

Outfit #1
WNS pop

As you can see, this outfit is to die for 

I find it really cute and the hair slaysss!!
And the top is really amazin and i want it in real lifee C:
The shorts are one of the best thing that's happened to WZW for awhile. 
The shoes are really just basic blue pumps which im not rlly a fan of though .-.
&&& you can purchase this outfit for only 4.99! (WHAT A DEAL!)

Outfit #2
Flower Bikini  

   The Flower Bikini outfit comes with a hair with nice curls that comes with a purple flower headband! A floral bikini necklace top which is simple and cool, along with a long floral skirt which is  And theres the shoes and open toed heels, which im also not rlly a fan of. Im rlly picky when it comes to shoes bcos i think that most of the shoes in Wzw don't rlly fit my style so :/ You can purchase this beautiful outfit for only 4.99!
Outfit #3!
Monster Casual
For 'le boy's outfits we have Monster Casual. It consist of, a monster hat with shuffled hair and a casual hoodie along with some AWESOME winged sneakers and baggy jeans. That guy's kinda cute C; 
Its so cute o.o and it only costs 4.99!
 Outfit #4
Birthday Boy

                  The outfit consist of a Miley Cyrus themed hairstyle & the shirt with Polka Dot Half Sleeves and a pocket. For the jeans there's a chain hanging out of the pocket and i loveEe that trendd and always wanted to have that C; And theres those cute pumps for guys. The cost for this cute outfit is 4.99! 



 So that was the Woozen's Choice Outfit's! I know I am srsly the worst reviewer person ever o.o  BUT ANYWAYS HAPPY SATURDAYYYyy



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