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Friday, 17 October 2014

New Outfits and Zombie Cure

So have you seen the new outfits in Store? They come with the Zombie cure and vaccine! I'm sure cos Woozens are furious about the Zombie thing so Woozworld is quickening up everything.
The Cure will be permanent, don't worry, unless you step on slime again. So be extra extra careful if you are cured already. 
So the the first pack comes with a EvaWooz hair. And the ones below, which is more expensive because its a full outfit, costs $9.99. There is the ZOMBOWEEN costumes with it. Freaky.... 
I bought the pack with the EvaWooz hair but it cost more cos i used SMS to buy it. And now i am CURED!!!!!! XD

Seriously, i can't stand the Zombie thing anymore, so i just bought it without thinking....  
Those who also bought, let me remind you again to be EXTRA careful and get away from the slime. You don't want to waste your money right....



  1. hi how do u take the cure
    I bought the pack but idk how to use cure and where

    1. The cure will take effect right away. If u are still a Zombie, just refresh and u will turn back into a human.

  2. Wait filis was in store? o-o I didn't see it.