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Saturday, 10 January 2015

☆Voting for Assistant Head Of Members.☆

Hi~ Jessicastarale here. As you guys know, BabyShimmer is the Head Of Members, but we don't have an Assistant Head Of Members yet. So im going to nominate a few Bloggers and see who gets the most votes and she will become the Assistant Head Of Members!
So there are a few conditions that she must have to become the AHOM. 

*Conditions the Assistant Head Of Members must have:
Posts frequently
Is nice and friendly
Is very good at entertaining in Blogging
Is good at taking care of other people 
Is responsible

Here are some details and ideas what the AHOM is going to do.
1. The AHOM is going to work together with the HOM and help the Hom. 
2. Their job is to help me take care of the Members and make sure everything is in place and nothing is wrong. They also take care of the discipline of the Members, like if they are posting on time and doing their job and so on.  
3. So they are something like the Owner of the Blog except that they are not in charge of the whole Blog but the Members and some small matters of the Blog. 

Choosing the right AHOM is very important. 

 So finally the exciting part, who got nominated by me!


So there are the 3 lucky Members who got nominated! 
So how do u nominate? You can sent me ur opinion by the 
1. Contact Box
2. Commenting below
3. Messaging me in WzW

So quickly send in your results, the nomination will be ending at somewhere around January. :) GD LUCK to those 3! <3

Oh and BTW The AHOM & HOM will be changed every 4-5 months to be fare to the other Members so they will all get a chance.

- Loved :3, Jessicastarale

1 comment :

  1. As the HOM retiree :P I'm going to go on who I think deserves, I see stell almost every day and she is quite kind. I know she might be a little new but that's who i'd nominate