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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Pretty Little Mystery Suspects 2

Hey guys~ So finally my Big Exam is OVER!!~ LOL 
So we're gonna continue with the Suspects. (sorry for posting late :()

Mr. Shopz:




                      All i have to say is, almost the whole conversation, he was talking bout SPORTS!!
                      Every Sentence he says has something about sports. "Arrogant~"

Lady Wooz:



So an A-list celebrity confirmed she was working with LadyWooz at the night
of GoodOldWooz's disappearance and she couldn't have been the one committed
the crime.

An A-list celebrity, who prefers not to be named, has come forward to confirm that Lady Wooz was working with her on the night of GoodoldWooz’s disappearance, and couldn’t have committeed the crime. So who kidnapped Woozworld’s grandpa? Keep hunting for the answer to this Pretty Little Mystery!"
Professor Preztige:


So the Principal of  Wzw High has confirmed that P.P. was in his lab working for something
so he couldn't be the one who kidnapped GoodOldWooz.

The Principal of Wzw High has confirmed that Professor Preztige was in his lab working on the vaccine for a strange new disease all night, and can’t have kidnapped GoodoldWooz. Who committed the crime? Help us solve this Pretty Little Mystery!

I still think its the Wzw High Teacher. Some kind of sense. I can't wait to know who committed the crime and what happened to GoodOldWooz c:

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