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Friday, 19 September 2014

Pretty Little Mystery

O-M-G. GoodOldWooz has been captured??!! Who did that??!!!
Story Line: GoodOldWooz had been doin some experiments on time travel and he unlocked a BIG secret about Eva & Fil! :O In Woozworld High School, the present day, GoodOldWooz was busy teaching Quantum Physics. He was saying that Time Travel could be Possible. Well idk, maybe there'ill be such a thing years...... later. So he pressed the button and FZOOT! He appeared at year 2039! He thought he had seen it somewhere and.. :O Its Eva and Fil's.. Dad??! He went back to 2014 and a voice said "Hello GoodOld!" SMASH! He falls.. & the the story begins....

Pretty Little Mystery
Prime Suspects..:
Janitor Beex, Mrs. Neon, Professor Preztige, Mr. Shopz, Lady Wooz & Ms. Yeti....

Did you check out the new outfits?! The girls are FABULOUS~

 1. Her hair is OMG~ Its so stylish and cute. I rate it 9.
           2. The dress is nice and simple with the necklace, love it! <3 Rate it 8
3. Her shoes.. can't see them.                                      

1. Her hair, well its nice but it doesn't suit the red. Rate it 7
      2.  Her outfit is so fabulous!!! I wanna have it in real life. Rate it 10
      3. I can see a bit, like there's white jewels on it, lovely~ Rate it 8.

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