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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Woozworld 2K15 Prom Committee Quest Guide!

So here are the tasks you will need to complete to become a committee member! Lets go right ahead to the planning quest!

1) Go to the Prom Planning HQ unitz. Over there you will find a yellow chest. Did you? Click it & when you do, you will be awarded Prom 2k15 Planner!. 

2) After that you will be given more objectives, so stay tight because there's more to be done!.
Now we have to find & recover the missing box of prom decorations! So just head to the Ballroom. Over there there will be a box which is located next to the pink vast. :). Just click it, and you will get another objective!
I accidentally clicked it before i took a pic so.. just to let you know it is just beside the pink vast.

3) Next! It would be to take a picture with you and a Green Jelly Unicorn. And it could be the first picture in a new AlbumZ for prom 2k15! You just have to take a pic with a Green Jelly Unicorn. So just go search for a unitz and type in green jelly unicorn & you may see a few and just go to any one of those. 

Next! Just take a picture with it !!.

4) Now we have to find and borrow JayWooz's turntable. We have to go to unitz called, 'Studio' and find the DJ turntable and click it. :)

5) Then we have to get 5 votes in a public unitz. Just gently remind your fellow woozens that Prom is on May 29, and ask for votes very politely and im sure kind hearted Woozens will vote for you :) It wasn't that hard for me.

6) Now we have to 'find and recover the missing ballot box in time for Prom Voting. Just go to the unitz named 'Surface', over there you will easily find a ballot box with a nice neon blue and neon pink colour~ woo xD !

7) The next objective is to take a selfie wearing a basic "Sweater" in shopz (Or take a photo with someone else wearing the Sweater. Save it as, ''before'' in your Albumz, Prom 2k15. Dont forget to take an after photo right before you head to Prom on May 29! P.s  Try to make your Woozen face the front when taking the picture, i think it'll work better.

8) Next, visit Woozworld featured business to borrow their fire extinguishers. Go to the unitz named "Yetibux Cafe". And click the fire extinguisher which is at the corner. 

9) Tired yet? Well i am :/ :( Next you will have to give three votes to someone you think deserves a crown at this year's prom! I chose her :3

10) Okay next! And the last! It is finding out who could be trying to sabotage prom. Check out their Unitz and try to find the Prom Queen Crown. A news for Zeena supporters, Zeena stole the crown :p Okay so just go to the unitz "Z-Unitz Punk Room". And click the crown which is at the corner of the bed.

And finally YAYY ITS ALL OVERRR! And now you will start thinking was that even worth it?!! But, oh well :/

So thats all for today~



  1. for number 7 when i wear the sweater and take a pic it wont go through even if i face it my way!

    1. u have to keep trying from different angles and try to capture most of the unit too i think it'll will work C;

    2. When you take the photo, try to also capture some features of the unitz, im not sure why it doesn't work well :/ but sorry for replying late! :(

  2. number 7 isnt working Dx i've tried everything you've said in the previous comment and still not working xc help please

    1. try the another sweater
      search i the shopz sweater then theres two kind of sweater there try the sweater for boys