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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The Next Super STAR 2015?

Hi guyss, im soo sorry. I was on vacation as well as most of the members & none of us is posting, and im rlly soryy to our readers, our views have been going down a lot lately so lets bring it back up again~ xD 

WNS is back & bigger this year than ever!!
Each summer, Woozworld crowns its next up-and-coming talent as part of the Woozworld’s Next Superstar competition1 This year, the contest will be bigger & better than ever! xD, thanks to the spnsership by LIVEntertainment, Inc., Woozworld’s biggest music-movies-TV-fashion-sports-soda-and-merchandise company! 

They are looking for the next big music star, and they’ve asked the Woozband to step in and help them with their search for the perfect one!  

JennySwift will look forpop stars,
 Jayrell Williams for rappers
MAX5 for rockstars, and 
Mia just wants a musician that can make the next big dance hit

 Here’s what you have to do to join the competition
1) Become a musical artist (either solo or group) with a Woozified name that conveys a hint of your real-world inspiration! The chart below shows you some of the leading Woozworld artists per genre right now:

JennySwift (Team Pop)- Yeti Perry
- Four DirectionZ
- GoodOldGomez
MAX5 (Team Rock)- Fall Out Beex
- Panic! In the Plaza
- Imagine Yetiz
Jayrell Williams (Team Hip-Hop)- BeexYonce
- Kanyeti Woost
- KountLamar
Mia (Team Dance/Electro)- Zihanna
- Woozvin Beexis
- Tove Logan

2) Submit your musical artist name (and the usernames of your bandmates if applicable) in the gold Podz at the LIVEntertainment HQ BEFOREFriday, August 14

3) The Woozband will select 20 Woozen musical acts to progress to the next round of competition. But if your star-making team isn’t selected, don’t worry! You can still battle to lead your genre team to #1 Woozworld’s Next Superstar.

Good luck to those who are entering! xD


 LIVEntertainment, Inc.

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