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Friday, 14 November 2014

Cute Spy's colour codes.

Baby shimmer I am soo sorry i just copied your post, but i thought it was an interesting idea to put colour codes!!

Neon Pink: FD0987
Neon Pink is: FF6EC7
JennyWooz Pink: FFBFBF 
MyaWooz Pink: F718CA
Neon Purple: 6600FF
Neon Blue: BFF
Neon Green: FD09
Neon Blue is: 4D4DFF 
Neon Green is: 83F52C

JennyWooz Green: 5AD9A5
JennyWooz Green: 00BF99
JennyWooz Pink: FF8E8E
 MyaWooz Red: DD0000 
Gold: FCAF00
Peach: FF8877

Chartruce: 99ff00

Lilac: 8e9fee

Lilac: 8e91ce

Lilac: 8390fe

Lilac: 9f9fe0

Pastel Purple: 9999ff

Baby Purple: 6666ff

Plum: B93b8f
Violet: 8d38c0

Dark Magenta: 990066

Pink: Ff69b4

Pink-ish Purple: cc00ff

Pink-ish Peach: c25283

Pink-ish Red: df053e

Sky Blue: 4398FC

Blue-ish: 74785

Blue: 0099c3

Light Neon Blue: Ffff

Tan: FEB874

Green: 5efb8e

Grass Green: 4aa02c

Green: 009963

Mint: Ff99

 Violet – 8D38C9

Deep pink C12267 and F6358A

FireBrick – 800517

  Blue: FF


Pink: FF0066 


 Purple: 6600FF

 Magenta (Purple Magenta) – C031C7 and F433FF

Silver: DCDCDC

Aqua: 2CE3bE

Plum- B93B8F

 Light Sky Blue – 566D7E

 Spring Green (Beautiful Color) 5EFB6E

 Goldenrod DARK – AF7817 and Lighter – FBB117

 Firebrick – C11B17

 Dark Red – E55451

 Chocolate – 4F2900

Baby Blue: 0fca0f

Bronze: B27C00

Royal Purple: 35092

Hot Pink: F608C6

                         Greyish brown: AA8866

byes xD

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