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Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Interim Santa :Logan

Who says santa is always  a male? I dont say tht cuz we've got a new santa ''logan" 
Logan is a surfing chic who spent her days partying, surfing mostly (OR ALWAYS) at the beach she totally spend a gorgeous day surfing, hanging out with her closest friends and family, and then gathering around the Woozmas palm tree for an awesome beach bonfire as the sun sets. she says christmas in snow...! She deliver presents by surfing she says she can handle anything! She says by surfing people wont get their presents on time but peeps should take a chill pill. She says tht shell bring the most warmest and relaxed woozmas ever!

Nopes i do not like logan at all why? Cuz she says if you wont recieve your presents on time so what? TAKE A CHILL PILL!? By the way, winter is the only season on which there is snow and its all about coldness not about warm dayz not cool logan, she maybe beautiful but ill give 3/10 points. 


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