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Sunday, 23 November 2014

The 4 candidates of Wzw

Guys christmas is coming ! we all know it 2015 is coming we all know it a new eve is coming we all know it but wait! santawooz is not comming...????>>>/?? wut? 
Yesh ur right santawooz  sent woozband a letter he will not come as he is spending his vacation with mrs.CLAUS at hawaii. but wait who will deal with christmas? santawooz is gone but he sent some 4 candidates who  have plans for their own choice! BUT WAIT!
The problem didnt end so easily there would be Electmaswhere woozens will select the ''best" candidate and those candidate will introduce themselves after a few days. who know who'll win and who will be these friends of santawooz?
I guess they will be elves or some new woozens we will be glad to meet.
But i still don't know that will there be ''advent calender'' i pretty hope 'yes' if yu want to read the letter sent by santa wooz then click here

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