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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Stopping Temporarily

Hi guys, its been 12 days since i last posted and i feel weird cos i normally post a lot, like everyday or something.  Its my last year at Primary school, im 12 this year. So... i didn't get to post cos i was stressing out, thinking about which school to go to, details, and everything, and plus the exams results. So everyday i just keep looking through the Secondary School selections book, finding something that will suit me and my BFF. And dealing with everyday problems, friendship stuff... :( <sigh> Its a hard time for me..  And my mums like. "Its too far! No! Its a bad school! Its hard to go!" Ugh can't i just make my own decision? Mom Problems, everyone will have.. So thats just something about whats happening.

So my whole point is, im gonna take a break from posting, maybe a month or less. Until i find that things are going well. And..... recently i just got hacked, but the hacker didn't take a lot of stuff on Woozworld.
 So after the hack, i trusted my friend, -KITteYLoVERRR- which is also a classmate, to help me play but not to take anything.. I meant that. So when i went back to check, i found my Manga Cat Eye gone, and it couldn't have been the hacker cos i change my email. 
But my BFF told me she saw -KITteYLoVERRR- wearing my manga and one of the hairstyle she didn't even had but was exact same as mine. And mine had disappeared on the day she was wearing it. So ya.. i was angry with her, went to talk to her at school. And i finally got the truth out of her. She did take it... Idk if i should friend her anymore, cos at first she was lying that she didn't take it, and getting angry at me when she was the person who took my stuff.. :( 

And yes, she is an author of the blog. So.. if anyone has opinions, plz help. :) 

But maybe after this, it will be harder to see me posting cos in Secondary, things are sooo much busier....

p.s BabyShimmer, i will be putting you in charge for now. 

Bye Bye for a month  :p                                                                        Jessicastarale                                                                                      


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