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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Interim santaX1

As i told you that we will be having electmas after few days. Our first candidate is ''interim santa X1'' he is from 3015 and would like to do the santa work ''happily''
It execute actions 1 tribillion times faster than a Woozen.
things over here would be hologram like trees. At dinner, a food condenser turns your Woozmas meal into pill tablets 
The plasma fireplaces give off heat and scent but cannot burn down your Unitz ;)

My opinions are:

Nopes ;( i rlly dont like this computerized woozmas cuz (i)we woozens dont need gifts tht it says it transport gifts 5o times faster than a woozen (ii)this robot is still learning emotions 
(iii)things are hologram and nopes ;( but i rlly like the part tht it would be a different christmas.A christmas arranged by a robot santa :) ILL give 5/10 to this one.
*I would be the reporter for the introduction of candidates for replacement of santawaooz thankyou!



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