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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Happy birthday ''Max!''

2day is max wooz's b-day HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXWOOZ!! Well how come there was no eventz? Right! Rell there was no eventz no cake no celebrations no picz nothing i guess it was just a normal old happy b-day celebration that someone just said to you happy birthday. I guess there should be some celebrations and the thing which max did to jenny, ( he didnt came to jenny's party) jenny should do the same XP okay I grabbed some WISHES from his Woozin. THAT SAY:

At first i thought that max didnt GAVE his 'bro' the birthday cake from last year =D

We all know about the breakup with jenny and max for no specific reason and still jenny wished max a happy birthday some Woozens say that she shouldn't do that and some said she is positive for this act and she is nice. My personal opinion is that this is good and you should tell that you still care and show others that I AM NOT LIKE YOU! :)

-princessabix :)

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