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Monday, 8 December 2014

Interim Santa: Kris Klauz

About Kris Klauz, hes one of the biggest entrepreneurs of all Wooztime. He is the one who revamped the idea of Woozmas. As you know, traditional Woozmas items like trees, decor and glass baubles are expensive but he believes plastics are more cost-effective and durable. 
I like his idea of the traditional Woozmas. With everyone gathering around having time together is really nice isn't it, well at least not so for me, i like having more alone time. :P He said he will “hire” unpaid interns.Well idk who wants an unpaid job..  Their volunteer work keeps the prices low on the Woozmas items that everyone knows and loves. The interns each have an e..Sleigh..Air.. 2, that glides silently through the night, well thats awesome. Once at your house, they activate an eRing on their thumb that opens the door and they get the presents exactly where they need to go! Thats Smart.
Anyway the reason he said that why we should choose him is because he represents a traditional Woozmas. "No one wants to be on a beach with all that sand or one where the Woozmas spirit is robotic. Most importantly, you save money while getting a good return."....

My Opinion:
I wont choose him, i only think he cares bout the money $$. :P

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