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Monday, 8 December 2014

Interim Santa: Clauzé

And heres a fashion Diva, Clauzé always has the biggest, Woozmas parties. Who doesn't like parties. All this glamour comes with a price. Last year, an unfortunate Woozen, wore purple to Clauzé’s Woozmas Diamond Gala, clashing with the ruby, emerald, diamond and gold tones. Call the Fashions Police! LOL. She right away cancelled Woozmas.What?!
Her idea of a perfect Woozmas which she prefer to call it “Clauzémas” -.-,  should be a winter wonderland, period. Snowflakes made of diamonds, a 24-karat-gold tree with sapphire and ruby baubles...She always give a little performance wearing this gorgeous vintage coat made of authentic Yeti fur. If something’s not good enough for her and her superstar guests, She'll say NO.
She will deliver presents by snapping her fingers and the presents appear exactly where they should be. Does she have magic?
The reason why we should choose her is because,  Woozens want the best. She's the best and offers the best. The gala she throws is so big, some years it’s turned into a New Years’ party!  If you can’t handle it, you shouldn’t attend it. MHM.. Its either Go big or go home. She wants Woozens to live up to her expectations.

Well my Opinion:
A big NO. She's too pampered girl. She only cares bout herself. And thats a NO.

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