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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Woozen Quests: Ice Skates

Hey guys, i went to Woozen Quests and saw a big patch of ice & Woozens wearing ice-skates which are so awesome! 
 Its free and easy to get.

So this is how you can get it. 
1. First just go to Woozen Quests
                                 ( P.s. You may have to wait a bit, there's a long queue. :/ )
2. Then all you have to do is just get onto the ice and there's your skates. 
*.The color of your skates will be the color of the shoes you are wearing. So you can change to whatever color you like. 
It only works on the ice and not anywhere else so its not permanent. :(

 The guys will get hockey skates and girls will get figure skates~

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