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Monday, 8 December 2014

♥ Oh Woozmas Tree, Oh Woozmas Tree ♥


Any tree can be a Woozmas tree if it gets a little love. The sparkle, the shimmer~ 
Woozworld would like to showcase our dedication to Woozmas spirit by placing one of YOUR trees in the Woozworld Plaza for all to see. ♥ And thats  why they are adding some new tree decorations to Shopz for Beex!
Starting on Friday, December 5th, get a Woozmas tree which is for Wooz, and stock up on decorations. Decorate your dream Woozmas tree and Unitz, and submit it to the Enlist Podz in Santa’s Village Unitz this weekend. The contest closes on the night of Sunday, December 7th! The Woozband will be going through all our submissions to pick a tree that has some real Woozmas spirit to display in the Plaza next week.
After the Plaza’s Woozmas tree is chosen, we can still decorate our own personal Woozmas trees. In fact, Woozworld will be monitoring Woozmas spirit by tracking how many trees are decorated. If we can reach 100% Woozmas spirit, everyone will receive an special bonus Woozmas gift! Yay~

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