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Friday, 5 December 2014

The chest and key...!!

Hiya..!! sowy for not posting i am busy with stuff of a lot of homework classes and other personal stuff :/ 
lets get to the point ive seen there wont be the old advent calender :'C but there will be keys and chest okay ill tell yu what 2 do?
1)open inventory and put the chest on the floor.
 2)look at the name of unitz below it youll see a picz of a key click it and see which colour key youve got!
3)find the key! tip: go to find a unitz and write find your key in it and there will be some unitz visit em and give calls like (i need green key or ive got green key)
then call to ur unitz or go to his/her unitz by the way  you can't open your own chest and i luv this type of advent calender too! 

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