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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

talk loong

Hellow wls fans...
Im proud as we are goin 2 have 9 thousand views.. thank you so very much for ur support..

Back to the topic for bloggers is that when they post something. They are not vivid at their point. What i mean to say is tht bloggers are using short and concise posts except some bloggers.
What my point is that when we write short posts then we use less words tht doesnot tell us about what we try to say. Viewers luv long posts. And specially if there is a good topic. So try to get all the detail to show the image what the writer is expressing. its good to write long but not necessary coz sometimes the things are not to much in detail to us but we can use some points on how to make out post clear,
Use good adjectives
Divide our post in three or more paragraph.
Dont always talk on topic do talk on something else.
Use pic
(Cant find some more points ;))

again its not important to write long but do try as ppl want to know the latest topicz

Police of bloggers

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