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Sunday, 15 February 2015

First Date Ideas?

Hello my Sweeties! I'm so sorry for being M.I.A! But I'm back in action and Ready to Educate you my Lovely Sweeties :3

Guess what today is! That's Right Valentine's day! My favorite Holiday!


Stella is here my Sweeties!

So you got past Stage 1, one of you asked the other out...Now what?

Well plan a date!

Now you don't want crazy or over-the-top, always go for something comfortable yet classy so you can get to know each other.
  • Like an Amusement Park!
  • Ice Cream at a Park or Lake!
  • A small family owned restaurant, rather than a large one. (the upside is you will get some cute teasing from the people working there, especially if it's a sweet old man working the counter <3)
  • A Picnic somewhere calming and relaxing, so that there is no extra stress!
  • A movie you both can agree on.
These choices and the Safe and Classy choices, and will make for a very sweet and non-stressful environment. 

Which is a must when on a date, but let's say you don't pick these. 

What are the bad choices?
  • Any large and crowded places, such as high class restaurants that require reservations. (Save that until you older!) 
  • Any type of kid infested area is bound to be noisy, to loud, out of control, and just plain trashy for a First date. (Unless you're the type to go to an Arcade, but do that after you leave the mom-and-pop restaurant.)
  • Parties in the woods. Do I even have to explain? (But just incase: Parties in the woods lead to awful decisions. And First dates are meant to be about only you and your date, not 20 other random people) 
Make sure you both make an effort to get to know each other, and I wish you Luck on your Lovely Journey!

I won't be doing Horoscopes for a couple blogs, my Crystal Ball (phone) is on the fritz!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Je'Taime My Sweeties!

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