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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Freedom to chat more freelyyy

I know this newz is 2 days ago but its so cool. If u guys know, Wzw has updated their chat system and it learns from how you speak and includes a trust system. So basically every Woozen starts out with the ability to say most of the words. After playing well for a while, you gain the system’s trust and are able to use more and more words. The more good words you use, the more trust you earn to speak freely, so u will have a whole more variety of words to say. But of course, if you behave inappropriately in Woozworld, you will lose chat privileges and be stuck with a more limited vocabulary which is worse than worse. Imagine tht u can only say limited words in Wzw when u are in needddd of more words to expresssss urself! And we're in the time of tech. But if u start out good than im suree u'ill get the trusted bar~
                                                                                                                   Trusted Chat Bar
                                                                                                                     Normal Chat Bar

                                                                                                                     Limited Chat Bar

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