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Thursday, 26 February 2015

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      Hey Guys The Name Kaykrazy I'm A New Blogger.

      Ok so lets start of with these prizes for the daily wheel. So you guys know how the prize is either 500 wooz, 1 wooz, 25 beex, or 1 day V.I.P but how come from what all me and my friends have only gotten either 1 wooz or 25 beex. So what I honestly think that woozworld is doing this on purpose.

      Ok so I really wanted to show you guys my Fav outfit.
So it's a Z- Rebel Hairstyle
With A Black Stripes Top
Flared Skirt With Buckles
And Winter Ballerinas
But who else has notice the misuse of the foodz things now you can't get any food out of them, I don't know about ya but if i can't use that and I spent at least a hundred wooz on each i want my wooz back.
   But Thats All for now add me on woozworld at Kaykrazy 

Kaykrazy Out


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