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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My First Blog !

Hey guys! it's me , Lolhivic! its my first day here in Woozworld Little Secrets , And im so exited to be here ! ]
So today im going to tell you guys a little bit about me !
1. My woozworld username is Lolhivic , It came from me saying lol and hi a lot xD , Dont ask :P 
2. My favorite colors are Purple and any type of blue :)
3. I have been playing Woozworld for about a year now!
4. I actually play other games besides woozworld :O , I play Club penguin ,  Animal Jam , Fantage , Weeworld , Moviestarplanet usa, Transformice , And more !  :D
5. I actually do other things besides playing on the computer haha surprise surprise xD , I draw , Sing , And play sports , The sports i play are Tennis and Basketball , And i swim !! :D
Anyway , I hoped you enjoyed my first blog ! Thank you so much for reading , I will be posting more soon ! ;D
                                          Thats all for now!
                                           Byee xoxo Victoria!

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