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Friday, 13 February 2015


                              Hey guys.......

I know guyz,,,, that i have not been posting from so many days...... SO many WEEKS........ or maybe its been a month. Ummm... actually i dont know it exactly but whatever i kno is what i have written LOL xD.....
Ok.... so From today i will be posting regularly! 
And as my exams have also began but... i will try to do everything i can for Jessicastarale.. My co-members and of Course FOR YOU!!!! 
So as an AHOM i would like to say all those people who are there and are responsible for posting must post regularly....
AND I WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST OWNER TO GIVE ME A RIGHT TO POST ANYDAY because maybe i will be not able to post on my appointed days so... and you can always email me if any probs... The Co-members and the People Who Are Watching This Blog!! 
and all people thankyou for giving me such a Good Support!
I would like to welcome all the new members who have joined this blog and i will be always there to help the newbies I would like to tell you that i am the Assistant Head Of Members and i will always guide you in whatever you want...
and anyone can email me if they have any problem!


add me on woozworld 
shizukatiya xx

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