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Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hey there woozens! It's me again Lacey <3 Sorry for not posting, I couldn't be on cause my parents told me to go out for the week, So I thought up of these new fashion looks ;D So it's made out of:

Outfit #1

~Ear tucked hair (Not available or transferable)
~Floral jacket with polka dots (You can get from market place)
~Slim jeans (Shopz or market)
~Guy tommys (Shopz or market)
Model: Laceia

Outfit #2
Model: Laceia
~Tiaraific sidesweep with tiara (Not available or transferable)
~Tied tank (In shopz for wooz)
~Slim jeans (In shopz and market)
~Guy tommy (In market)

Bye guys!
xoxo, Lacey <3 

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  1. Laceia-Laced Tigers1:17 am, April 03, 2015

    Thats A Hacker Thats My Account And My Stuff Give Me My Account Now =-=