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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

New Bloggers

Heyy guys so recently there has been a lot of forms from Woozens that wants to join our Blog and for now, every Blogger first has to go through a 5 day trail, before they can Officially join our Blog. So these are the list of the chosen 11 people who will be going through the trail.

Jabaflop - 5
Itslollieoooo -  5
Angelmartinola - 5
Britneyloj - 5
Renaeray -  5
Ninaxaq -  5
Lauraxer -  5
TotoSwaggy -  5
Hot-lady -  5
Laceia -  5
Coolbianca - 5

After the trail, a few Woozens who are not qualified will not be chosen and the rest will join the Blog familyy. So plz help keep a lookout for them and give us feedback about them.

So what do you need to do? - The people on the list. Just post well and frequently and make sure u are entertaining the people reading this blog and just be urselff! :) You don't only have to post about the updates on Woozworld or things about Wzw, you can post about urself too!


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