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Monday, 9 March 2015

not satisfied bloggers

Hey happy monday. I just wanted to say tht i am taking a break till 20 april 2015. Cause its a worry. I m having exams in april znd i will be studying everyday to mantain my record of securing 1st position in class. So i may post in march only then bye bye laptop.... okay..
sowy if im harsh

I wanted to say i m not satisfied with the bloggers again. Guys i wanted to say that bloggers dont post regularly except for actually those who are on vacation or break.

Guys if you are bored with this blog and know tht you wont be providing services then you can ask owner that you can quit but.

If you are on holiday then tell the owner. Or maybe post on the blog pretty simple. But dont just leave without telling or saying anything.

If you donot want to post and still want to be a part. Well it is imposdible for us. You have yo do ehat you signed for. Or if you donot want to do thr job which yu are doing then change post e.g blogger to stylist or stylish to interviewer. Or anything but pls dont stay unposted. Post on your day and try tl post long.
♡sorry if i hurt anyone♡

Police of bloggers

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