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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hey everyone! It's me Laceia! I just wanted to wish everyone a happy spring break! So this little cute outfit  is what I'm gonna be showing you today, you can wear this for fun xD! =D So let's get started and enjoy!!  <3

As you can see I am wearing this cute little outfit for St Patrick's day (Even if it past) =D

What it's made out of:
~St. Patrick's day hair (You can get this at the Patrick's quiz!) Preztige: 1
~St Patrick's dress (You can get this by completing quests) Preztige: 1
~Slim jeans (You can buy this off other woozens or in shopz!) Preztige: 20
~Gold Studded heels (You can buy this off other woozens or in shopz) Preztige: 20

Model: Laceia

-Lacey <3

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