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Monday, 16 March 2015

Stay Linked - sorry message

Hi guys, i know this is a bit outdated but i just had to talk about it. And i know i haven been here for daysss but im trying hard to keep this blog going and recruit more members. I saw some of ur comments and its okay to feel free to comment on how can we improve or what we are lacking in, so i can reflect and make things more better for everyone. Im super sorry for any disappointment. :(
So have u heard bout the new LinkZ?

LinkZ combine the best aspects of Door Podz and Teleport Podz. And once you link two of these furniture items together, they will remain linked both within,  and between Unitz. If you make a link and trade one to a friend, they will remain linked! So you can create a maze using multiple Unitz without always landing on the Entry Pod and connect your Unitz with a friends! So i guess thats quite awesome....But im not sure of how to get it yet n i absolutely have to get oneee :D


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