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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hey Yo!
Cristinacat here, as usual :3 with top 3 unitz and a daily kpop song!
So today, we have a unit by bellarosseee called "kissing game" currently, there is 45 woozens in the unit. Seems a little intresting... wonder what we do here? XD second up is "Clarin Cafe" by clarrisaabella2! Lots of customers I see, congratz to you both. And... last but not least, we have "Speed dating and singles and non-singles VOTE" by CountMatthew!
As for our daily kpop song, Anda and Shinhwa decided to release "Mastering" and "Sniper" on the same day. :)
See you guys and gals later! You can message me on woozworld any time :)

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