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Thursday, 26 March 2015


So Woozworld decided that we should be the ones designing the fall outfits for this year which is so much better than having them design the clothes, so here are some DO & DON'TS!

- Print this (required) template and draw on it OR use an image editing program on your computer
- Create your dreamiest spring-inspired design for girls, boys, or both
- Feel free to give your outfit a creative name, like Mya does with her Store collections each week
Sign your design with your Woozen name
- Respect the Woozworld Code of Conduct
- Submit your design in the WNTM Runway Unitz using the green Podz BEFORE the submission period ends on Tuesday, April 7th
- Submit someone else’s work. The design must be your own, signed creation.
- Submit any inappropriate or offensive designs
And their four favorite outfits they choose, will go on sale Thursday, April 30th in the Woozworld Store~
So  gd luck to the people who r designing~

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