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Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Rules and Regulations on Dating and Love!

Hello My Sweeties! It's Stella Here!

I recently have been in the process of helping my Mom and Dad remodel our new apartment, but We finished up yesterday! YAY!

So I'm Back in the Swing of things!

So I may or may not have gone over the Rules of Dating, I know your thinking: Wait there are Rules?

Well Yes HoneyBun There are Rules for the Dating World.

Here are a Few of them:

#1: When You have a Boy/Girlfriend, You CANNOT get another one! One at a Time Guys and Gals!

#2: Always be Classy around your significant other, NO burping contests, Farting Contests, anything with a body function. I mean Seriously No guy is gonna' kiss a belching Froggie, and No Gal is gonna' kiss a stinky Toad.

#3: When going on a Date, Ask each other before doing something or going somewhere. You need to update each other on your plans for the evening. Or else it will be completely confusing.

#4: DON'T flirt with anyone that isn't your significant other! It will come back to bite you, Trust me it's not pretty.

#5: DON'T ditch your date...EVER! Only time you can, is when your date is getting creepy.

I hope I've Cleared away some of the Rules for ya'll. :3

Alrighty, If you have a question and want to have your Question shown on the next post of the 'Love Guru's Realm' then ask away my Sweeties. :3

Je'Taime My Sweeties,

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