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Thursday, 23 April 2015


Hey Lovelies sorry I couldn't post yesterday I was really busy but today I will post  a sad story MY sad story ( this story might seem weird and might have typos because I am currently hyped up on laughing gas)


so I was shooting a movie I had auditioned for when a girl I had befriended PCed me " hey I have cool website {insert URL here}" so I (stupidly) went to the website

first mistake: I should have noticed it had been a weebly website

second mistake: it specificly asked for my username and password
but I was toooooo in the moment that I forgot and soon enough I had put in all my info in those boxes then when I got back on topcutidat left soon I got a message that said "you can not be on two devices at once" that's when I knew I was being hacked so my fellow woozens look out for yourself you might have to make a  new woozen. know the signs

  1. if it ends in .weebly BlogSpot or anything it's probably a hacking website
  1. if it gives you rares and wooz
  1. if the site seems unreal trust your gut

that is my sad story if you want your sad story to be posted email me at
or put it in the commernts


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