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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Pigtails VS. Ponytails

Wether they are Pigtails, or ponytails, or a weird combination of them both, we still love 'em. So why don't I dedicate a fashion post to them? 
          Pony/pigtails are really cute hairstyles and they are definitely not lacking on WoozWorld! They make any outfit girly and sophisticated. Pairing them up with the perfect outfit is an added bonus! They add a touch of fabulousity to even the most drag outfit. Either they are plane, or they come with a whole bunch of accessories and or highlights, they make an awesome finish for the perfect outfit.
Here are a few of my favourite Ponytastic and Pigarific looks!

So when it comes to animal hair, Ponytails and Pigtails are totally adorable!

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