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Saturday, 18 April 2015

First Trial Post

Hello Lovelies I am one of the newest trial members and I am honored to be able to take part in this blog so to start out I decided to do an extremely popular (and cliché) way to state out my first post so here it is: The Ten Things about Me Tag

  1. on all my various accounts I have played woozworld for  4-5 years
  2. my last account was named MangoW which got hacked (that's another story)
  4. I also live for WATTPAD (my user us Fanfictionanime)
  5. my favorite animal in a cheetah
  6. the last blog I was a blogger on was the Wooz Team but I quit because I was being ignored.....Proof: I was on trial for 5 months
  7. I CAN MAKE SIGN OFFS JUST message me on Woozworld or email me
  8. my color codes are pink white and brown
  9. Tumblr is a must
  10. YouTube is a must
  11. I'm a REBLE

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