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Friday, 17 April 2015

Guess who's back? + Welcome New Bloggers + Andriod App?


Your Maddy here *appluase on cue* and i know i have been inactive for a along timeee. And i mean it, like i was probably off Woozworld for a month or so?

Anyway i'm back now and thought of doing a extra long post just to make up for all that in-activeness.

Welcome New bloggers!
So there have been lots of new bloggers and trial bloggers and since i've been catching up and reading lots of posts but alas many bloggers are posting no matter the timing (Readers: HARK! LOOK WHO'S TALKING!! Me: Eh? Speak up i cant hear you... XD). I aint no police but please don't post small posts.

(*insert smiley face*

Android App?

I'm sure all of us have read the Woozworld Post saying that the Andriod Version of the Woozworld App will be out soon. So excited guys?  Along with many other Android Lovers, and i repeat i say this with all of us A.L (initials for Android Lovers) WE CANT WAIT.

Now i've decided to do a "Ask the MaddHatter (aka me)" kind of thing,  just comment below any of your questions such as

How are you so awesome? -Wanna be awesome girl

(oh rofl)  And i'll be replying to them, please leave a comment it would MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.

Yours at awesomest,


Please take a photo of your woozen standing facing the camera or doing a movez in a green colored unitz and upload to a album called
"Little Secrets".

(For the new banner)
Please do otherwise you wont be in the upcoming banner.


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