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Saturday, 18 April 2015

Wzw Launch Date + update

Yes! KayKrazy already talked about it but any, Max finally told us when the Woozworld app is coming out. April 23! 

For those people who guessed April 23 right, you will receive a special gift early next week. xDD I soo can't  wait to see what they got! XD! Anyway, I'm so excited my heart is beating so fast!! When it comes out, the first thing im gonna do when i wake up in the morning is to download itttt. So looking forward to it! Woozworld can be played on android phones now, so for those android users, this is such an amazing thing. Its alright you did not guess the date right, you can still download the app and have lots of fun and can play it anywhere anytime and not wait till you have to get home, go on your computer then you can start playing. I can play more now since im not usually home so the app is available to download on Google Play so make to to do download it when it's out ;) Bye~

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